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MacManus Irish Clan / Sept

Shields & Plaques | Irish Clans |  MacManus Irish Clan / Sept

Clan/Sept Crest Wall Shield for the MacManus Clan

Clan/Sept Crest Wall Shield for the MacManus Clan

Price: 29.95 / $47.32 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%) Customers outside UK are exempt from VAT


Type of wooden shield

Each Clan/Sept design is mounted on a stylish wooden base which is available in Light Wood or Dark Wood Finish.
Click to see enlarged examples.

We have used our own special skills and original ideas enabling us to display your clan/sept crest in a most colourful and effective way.

We guarantee that every coat of arms, clan/sept crest we produce is 100% authentic.

All Clan/Sept Shields are provided with a prop-stand and in a presentation box, To see a layout of how your clan/sept crest is presented on the shield, !!<please click here.

The Clan/Sept History

There are many Irish surnames being used today in forms that are quite different
than their original, ancient forms. MacManus originally appeared in Gaelic as
Mac Maghnuis, which means son of Manus. The personal name Manus, imported into
Ireland by the Norse, is ultimately derived from the Latin forename Magnus.

Irish names were rarely spelled consistently in the Middle Ages. Spelling
variations of the name MacManus dating from that time include MacManus,
MacManners, McManus, Manus and others.
First found in county of Roscommon, where they held a family seat from ancient
Thousands of Irish Families left for North American shores in the 19th century.
These people were searching for a life unencumbered with poverty, hunger, and
racial discrimination. Many arrived to eventually find such conditions, but many
others simply did not arrive: victims of the diseased, overcrowded ships in
which they traveled to the New World. Those who lived to see North American
shores were instrumental in the development of the growing nations of Canada and
the United States. A thorough examination of passenger and immigration lists has
disclosed evidence of many early immigrants of the name MacManus: Bessie
McManners settled in Boston in 1847; Bernard McMannis settled in Philadelphia in
1828; Andrew, Hugh, Patrick, Terrence McMannus all arrived in Philadelphia
between 1840 and 1860.

Present your clan/sept crest in a most unique and attractive way by choosing an Irish Clan/Sept Shield by Rowan Heraldic Shields!

Shields & Plaques | Irish Clans |  MacManus Irish Clan / Sept



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