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Every Council has its own coat of arms which in most cases is very complex displaying the heraldic devices to their fullest. We at Rowan Heraldic Shields/Wall Plaques recognise the importance of re-producing a coat of arms in exact detail, this is our expertise, which has helped us to deliver excellent results over the years and gain a massive amount of customer satisfaction which we are very proud of.

We supply Heraldic Shields/Wall Plaques to County Councils, Borough Councils, City Councils, and Town Councils etc.
Satisfied customers include: Derry City Council, Test Valley Borough Council, Norfolk County Council, The Falkland Islands Council Offices, (please view images to left.)
Heraldic Shields/Wall Plaques are used for many different purposes in councils such as promotional campaigns, promotional gifts, awards, trophies, presentations, mementos etc.
Many Heraldic Shields/Wall Plaques are given away as gifts/mementos to other council members, and also to visitors from around the world.
A good example is Derry City Council (see image on left) who have been ordering Rowan Heraldic Shields/Wall Plaques on a regular basis now for over 7 years, displaying their detailed coat of arms in a most attractive and unique way.
Derry City Council receives visitors from all around the world every year and presents Heraldic Shields/Wall Plaques to these people as a gift/memento of their stay.

Free Colour Visual
A computerised colour visual is available free of charge upon receipt of good quality artwork/copy supplied by the client. This is an exact replica of what will be received upon order showing the full Heraldic Shield/Wall Plaque, scrolls and club badge/logo or coat of arms etc in full colour.

For easy to follow steps on how to proceed with your enquiry please click here.

sample heraldic shields

To see the level of detail that can be achieved with our production techniques, click here.

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