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MacLennan Scottish Clan

Shields & Plaques | Scottish Clans |  MacLennan Scottish Clan

Clan Crest Wall Shield for the MacLennan Scottish Clan


Clan Crest Wall Shield for the MacLennan Scottish Clan

Price: 29.95 / $47.32 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%) Customers outside UK are exempt from VAT


Type of wooden shield

Your chosen Clan Crest is reproduced in exact detail onto an embossed centrepiece displaying the correct Clan Tartan & Clan Name. This is mounted onto a Hardwood Base which is available in a Light or Dark Wood finish.
Click to see enlarged examples.

Scottish Clan
Hand Crafted Wall Shield


Our distinctive Scottish Clan Wall Shields make a truly unique gift idea for family or friends

Supplied in a presentation box and ready for wall hanging. A prop-stand is also included allowing the shield to be displayed on a table/desk etc. To see example images please click here.
Each shield also comes with its own heraldic description which is printed onto quality parchment paper.
To see an accurate diagram of how our Scottish Clan Wall Shields are constructed please click here.
All Scottish Clan Wall Shields are made to order so please allow 28 days for delivery.

The Clan History

The Logans consist of two distinct families; one belonging to the Highlands (known as MacLennans) and the other to the Lowlands. However, as far as it is known, there is no historical evidence to connect the two families. The Logans of the south held Restalrig near Edinburgh and it was Sir Robert of that Ilk who married a daughter of Robert II and was made Admiral of Scotland in 1400. But even before then two knights of the name were recorded as companions of Sir James Douglas carrying Bruce's heart to the Holy Land. However the Logans did not remain in favour and the last Logan of Restalrig died an outlaw and the family became extinct. The Highland Lobans or Logans, "Siol Ghillinnein" (MacLennan), according to tradition descend from Logan of Drumderfit in Easter Ross. Their legendary leader Gilligorm in a feud with the Frasers was killed in a sanguiary battle at North Kessock between the two clans. The widow of Gilligorm was carried off by the Frasers and later gave birth to a deformed child who was named Crotair Mac Gilligorm (the hump-backed). He was educated by the monks at Beauly and later joined the church. He founded the churches of Kilmor in Skye and Kilchrinin in Glenelg. His son was named Gille Fhinnein, "The Devotee of St. Finnan" of which the Anglicized form is Maclennan. The Logans of Drumderfit were still in Easter Ross in the early 18th century, and in Wester Ross they lived neighbouring the Macraes and were followers of the Mackenzies of Kintail for whom they were Standard Bearers. James Logan was the famous author of the "Scottish Gael" (1831) which was a record of the Highlands and the first serious attempt to record the history of Highland dress. The present chief was 12 years old when, in 1989, he succeeded his father as the 35th chief of Clan MacLennan. He was also the head chorister at St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral, Inverness.
Motto: Dum spiro spero (Latin : While I breathe, I hope)
Septs of the Clan: Gilfiman, Gillfiman, Gilfillian, Gilliland, Lagan, Laggan, Lenan, Lennan, Lennon, Leonard, Leonerd, Loban, Lobban, Logan, Loggan, Lyndon, MacAlenon, MacAlinion, MacAlinden, MacAlonan, MacClanachan, MacClanchan, MacClaron, MacClennen, MacClendon, MacGilillan, MacKilligan, MacLarnon, MacLenagan, MacLenahan, MacLenadhan, MacLenden, MacLendon, MacLennon, MacLernon, MacLoran, MacLorinan, MacLyndon, MacWilname, McClenaghan, McClendal, McClendas, McClendon, McLandon, McLendall, McLendon, McLennon, MackLenddon, MackClenden, MackLendin, MackLendon, MacLendall, Meclendon, Mclendon, Winan, Winning, and Winton
Names associated with the clan: Clanachan Clenachan Clenaghan Clenden Clendon Clennan Clennen Clennin Clennon Clenochan Gilfinan Giliene Gilladamnan Gillefinan Gillenan Gillenen Gilligan Lagan Laggan Lenane Lennan Lennon Leonard Linden Loban Lobane Lobban Lobbans Lobein Lobon Logan Logane Loggan Loghane Loghyn Logyn Lopan Lowbane Lowgane MacAlinden MacAlinton MacAlonan MacClanachan MacClanaghan MacClanahan MacClanan MacClanaquhen MacClandon MacClannachan MacClannochan MacClannochane MacClannoquhen MacClanochan MacClanochane MacClanohan MacClanoquhen MacClenachan MacClenaghan MacClenaghen MacClenahan MacClenane MacClenden MacClendon MacCleneghan MacClenighan MacClennaghan MacClennan MacClennochan MacClennoquhan MacClennoquhen MacClenoquhan MacClinighan MacClonachan MacClunochen MacClynyne MacFingan MacFingon MacFingone MacFinnan MacFinnen MacFinnon MacGilelan MacGilfinan MacGiligan MacGillalane MacGilleanan MacGillenan MacGillican MacGilligain MacGilligan MacGilligin MacGillinnein MacGlenaghan MacGlenan MacGlennon MacGulican MacIllenane MacKelecan MacKelegan MacKelican MacKilican MacKilikin MacKillenane MacKillican MacKillicane MacKillichane MacKilligan MacKilligane MacKilligin MacKlanachen MacKlanan MacKlannan MacKlenden MacKlendon MacKlinnan MacKulican MacLanachan MacLanaghan MacLanaghen MacLannachen MacLanochen MacLanoquhen MacLeannaghain MacLenaghan MacLenane MacLenden MacLendon MacLenechen MacLennan MacLenochan MacLinein MacLinnen MacLonachin MacLyndon Makclennand Makulikin Winan Winning

Present your clan badge/crest in a most unique and attractive way by choosing a Scottish Clan Shield by Rowan Heraldic Shields!

Shields & Plaques | Scottish Clans |  MacLennan Scottish Clan



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