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MacLaine Scottish Clan

Shields & Plaques | Scottish Clans |  MacLaine Scottish Clan

Clan Crest Wall Shield for the MacLaine Scottish Clan


Clan Crest Wall Shield for the MacLaine Scottish Clan

Price: 29.95 / $47.32 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%) Customers outside UK are exempt from VAT


Type of wooden shield

Your chosen Clan Crest is reproduced in exact detail onto an embossed centrepiece displaying the correct Clan Tartan & Clan Name. This is mounted onto a Hardwood Base which is available in a Light or Dark Wood finish.
Click to see enlarged examples.

Scottish Clan
Hand Crafted Wall Shield


Our distinctive Scottish Clan Wall Shields make a truly unique gift idea for family or friends

Supplied in a presentation box and ready for wall hanging. A prop-stand is also included allowing the shield to be displayed on a table/desk etc. To see example images please click here.
Each shield also comes with its own heraldic description which is printed onto quality parchment paper.
To see an accurate diagram of how our Scottish Clan Wall Shields are constructed please click here.
All Scottish Clan Wall Shields are made to order so please allow 28 days for delivery.

The Clan History

Descending from the royal house of Lorn through Gillean of the Battle-Axe, the MacLean clan possessed extensive lands in Mull.
The Lochbuie branch of the family are descended from Hector, the brother of Lachlan, who founded the Duart branch of the MacLeans. The brothers received their estates from John of Islay, 1st Lord of the Isles, in the mid fourteenth century. The lands of Lochbuie were later confirmed in a charter from James IV to John Og MacLaine.
The two branches of the family were unable to co-exist peaceably and John Og was killed, along with two of his sons, as a result of a feud with the MacLeans of Duart. His only surviving son, Murdoch, at that time a small child, was conveyed to Ireland for safety. On reaching manhood he returned and, with the aid of a childhood nurse who recognised him, he recaptured Lochbuie Castle.
It is from this Murdoch that the present chief is descended.
The MacLaines of Lochbuie were converted to the Catholic faith by the Franciscan missionary, Cornelius Ward, and were strong supporters of the Stewart monarchy, with 300 clansmen fighting at the Battle of Killiecrankie.
By the nineteenth century the family estates were burdened by debt, but the 21st chief of Lochbuie amassed a fortune in the Far East, and used this to save the estate. Sadly, however, the estates of Lochbuie were impounded by an English bondsman.
Motto: Vincere vel mori (Latin: To conquer or die)
Septs of the Clan: MacCormick, MacFadyen, MacFadzean, MacGilvra, Macilvora.
Names associated with the clan: Cormac Cormack Cormag Cormick Gilvray Lochbuie MacArmick MacCarmick MacCarmike MacChormaig MacClaine MacClan MacClane MacClayne MacComok MacCormack MacCormaic MacCormaig MacCormick MacCormock MacCormok MacCornick MacCornock MacCornok MacFadden MacFaden MacFadin MacFadion MacFadwyn MacFadyean MacFadyen MacFadyon MacFadzan MacFadzean MacFadzein MacFadzeon MacFattin MacFayden MacFedden MacFeyden MacFydeane MacGillane MacGillavary MacGillayne MacGillevary MacGillevoray MacGillevorie MacGillevray MacGillewra MacGillewray MacGillivary MacGillivoor MacGillivraid MacGillivray MacGillivrie MacGillivry MacGillowray MacGillvary MacGillveray MacGillvery MacGillvra MacGillvray MacGillyane MacGilvary MacGilvery MacGilvory MacGilvra MacGilvray MacGilwrey MacGormick MacGormock MacGuilvery MacIlaine MacIlbraie MacIliwray MacIllaine MacIllayn MacIlleain MacIllvra MacIloray MacIlra MacIluray MacIlveerie MacIlvery MacIlvora MacIlvory MacIlvra MacIlvrach MacIlvrae MacIlvray MacIlwra MacIlwray MacKelrae MacKermick MacKernock MacKlain MacKlan MacKlane MacKornock MacKornok MacLain MacLaine MacLane MacLayne MacOlaine MacOrmack MacPadane MacPaden MacPhadan MacPhadden MacPhaddion MacPhadein MacPhaden MacPhadzen MacPhaidein MacPhaiden MacPhaidin MacPhyden MacYlory Makarmik Makclane Makclayne Makcormok Makfadzane Makgillane Makillewray Makkilrow Maklane Maklayne Vcgillevorie

Present your clan badge/crest in a most unique and attractive way by choosing a Scottish Clan Shield by Rowan Heraldic Shields!

Shields & Plaques | Scottish Clans |  MacLaine Scottish Clan



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